Vising the DoSeum with Grandma and Genevieve

Beep Beep, Penelope coming thru!

Last week while my Mom and Sister, Genevieve were in town we went and visited The DoSeum.  It is the new children’s museum here in town and  also opened at the beginning of the summer.  I have been wanting to go all summer and decided this would be the perfect time now that family was in town!

Look at the excitement in those eyes!

I had heard mixed reviews on whether or not there would be enough for Penelope to do at the museum (think 15 month old activities).  In short, Penelope absolutely l.o.v.e.d. it! She was in heaven the entire time!  There were four specific rooms she could do activities in (Little Town, The River, and the reading/writing room, & The Ball Room) but really she was entertained in every room and i just adapted the activity to her development level.


I loved having an excuse to get out of the house for an hour or too that wasn’t to Target…..

07212015TheDoseum_Grandma_Geneveive035 07212015TheDoseum_Grandma_Geneveive036


I ended up getting a year long pass, and you should too.  Let’s meet up in Little Town!

Penelope’s face, such a crack up.
ah! look at that shutter speed! #nailedit
climbing climbing
Little Penelope toes and feet are to die for.

I ended up getting a year long pass, and you should too.  Let’s meet up in Little Town!


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