Penelope and the Pumpkin Patch

Pumpkin patch season is the best.  It may not feel or look like “Fall” here in southern Texas (I think we hit 90 degrees today), but I can certainly make it “look” like fall if you give me a pumpkin patch.    We decided to go over tonight after dinner and the lighting was perfect.  Golden hour is a real thing y’all.



Penelope watched Andrew pick up a pumpkin so she decided she needed to do the same, except she choose a pumpkin that was twice her size and weight.  If only this picture captured her grunts and groans…. priceless. 



Picking the perfect pumpkin.  She didn’t let go of this pumpkin for the rest of the night.  You better believe it was coming home with us.

10202015_Pumpkin_Patch103 10202015_Pumpkin_Patch119

“Penelope, give me your baby model pose.”


And the necklace pictured, she is obsessed with it.  She has worn it for a week straight, only to take it off her naps and swimming. 10202015_Pumpkin_Patch137

She looks so grown up here!



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