Shannon & Cameron I The Cabin

Well, I finally got around to editing these photos, and now i’m wishing I did so sooner!  Nothing like having a toddler and newborn take an afternoon nap at the same time that suddenly gives me the energy to edit instead of long for a nap.


While visiting Salt Lake last December, we decided to escape to The Cabin for a few days.  I have yet to visit a place that is more beautiful then those mountains.  They get me every.single.time. I  hear those magical words: “we’ll now start our descent into Salt Lake City folks.”  I have so many great memories of siblings and cousins in the river, around the camp fire and walking to “the Red Cabin” …. that is now Brown.



I was dying  to take some pictures while visiting the mountains, so I convinced Shannon and Cameron to throw some snow shoes on and amuse me.


Can’t wait to visit Salt Lake in July and take some more photos during the summer months at The Cabin.


One thought on “Shannon & Cameron I The Cabin

  1. Wow!!! I love these!! No need to convince me… I have a feeling it’ll be the other way around.. I’ll be trying to convince YOU to take my photos at the cabin this time. Again, beautiful!! (Also, you should probs just set up shop — don’t all cousins want their photos here?)


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