Adelia | Newborn


This was a milestone shoot for me.

Today I shoot pictures of Adelia Barney, Tilly’s little sister.  Tilly was the first child I took pictures of, pre Robyn’s Nest Photography (besides my own), if you will.  I still remember getting the inquiry if I would take Tilly’s newborn pictures from a mutual friend.  I said “well, i’m still learning but I would love the practice.”

Today, taking Adelia’s pictures, I kept getting flashbacks of her sister’s shoot and how new I was to newborn photography.  Its nice to know a little but more, almost three years later, but I will forever be learning something new about my camera.  Newborn sessions are my favorite (sorry family sessions).  Therefore it was hard for me to narrow down pictures to highlight here, so enjoy a couple more pictures then I usually post.




{see same photo of her sister, here}



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