Winter Wonderland

The day after Christmas, my Grandpa passed away.  I wanted to be at the Funeral, so I hopped on a plane and suddenly was in Salt Lake around the holiday.  There were many good things that came from my Grandpa’s passing: family gatherings, hearing  stories about my Dad’s childhood, neighbors and friends reaching out, meals arriving our doorstep and childcare.  Through it all, there was also an underlying sadness.  My grandpa was gone.

He was quite the social media bug.  He would never post on Instagram, but he would always “like” and comment on my posts saying how much he loved me and my family and how proud me was of me.  He’s not around to do that anymore.

After his “Celebration of life”, we gather as extended family at my parents house for lunch.  It’s been quite some time since we’ve all be together, and I know Grandpa was happy to see us all together again.  I did catch myself looking around for Grandpa at one point, I still find I need to remind myself he’s gone.

At the end of the day, I’m grateful for The Plan of Happiness, and know I will see him again someday.

p.s. Another one of the “good things” that came from visiting salt lake was this impromptu photoshoot two of my siblings and I did.  Arn’t my siblings just beautiful! Also, mountains in the snow? gorgeous



2 thoughts on “Winter Wonderland

  1. These photos are beautiful and so are you. I still want to hear more about the funeral and your trip back to Utah. Is it creepy that I want to go back to your ig posts and look for his comments? Haha.


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