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Bluebonnets with my Family


I found a field of bluebonnets!  After driving all over the city, I found the most perfect field and they are more beautiful then ever.  Last year Maggie was born right during bluebonnet season so I didn’t get family pictures with them.  But this year? This year it was a priority.      Bluebonnets-183Bluebonnets-169Bluebonnets-171Bluebonnets-165Bluebonnets-163Bluebonnets-161


In my opinion this is when one should be taking their Christmas card photo, not the fall.  Sure, if we lived in Salt Lake with leaves turning that would be beautiful.  But this is the most beautiful time of the year in Texas.


You may notice that Maggie is wearing the same dress I had Penelope wear for our first Bluebonnet photo, I can’t even handle it. See post here.   


When I stepped out of the car and started setting up my camera, I turned around and Penelope was looking at me mimicking everything I was doing with her camera.  I didn’t even realize she had brought it in the car.  (She calles her camera a “cheezer” and it is really a purse Andrew brought back from one of his work trips to Guadalajara, Mexico.)  I can’t wait to get that girl a real camera when she is a little bit older.




2 thoughts on “Bluebonnets with my Family

  1. Oh Robyn these pictures are FABULOUS!!!!!!! What beautiful ladies… all three of you! And your handsome husband!!! What a gorgeous family you have! So jealous of the great weather and the absolutely awesome bluebonnets!!!



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