Family Photos

An afternoon in the Bluebonnets with Archer and Liberty

Usually when I leave the room at home I tell Penelope “If you need me i’m– ” and then I insert upstairs, in my room, the garage etc. to give her  a heads up. I didn’t realize I did this until Penelope started doing it to me when she leaves the room! haha  Don’t you love seeing your personality traits in your children?! #not  With Spring here in Texas, I want to say be saying: “If you need me, i’ll be in the Bluebonnets.”  I seriously can’t get enough.


The Keller children were a blast to take pictures of and did so well for me.  It took Liberty a little bit of time to warm up to the camera, but you can’t even tell in the photos.  From this shoot I learned that Archer knows how to “work the camera” and “birdy” is the cutest nickname for Liberty.  Thanks for spending an afternoon in the bluebonnets with me!



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